Special treat today as I’ve got a couple of animations worked on in collaboration with Rikolo. Just click the images below to check them out. Rikolo and I got some other plans featuring our girls, so if you wanna check those out early, be sure to join my Patreon or Rikolo’s as well.

The first one features our characters Lana & Rebecca interacting with one another again, this time in an office setting. Rebecca is one playful boss, so when Lana comes to visit for a business proposal, Rebecca doesn’t want to talk shop. But maybe some oral persuasion might do the trick…


Next up it’s Rylee & Zoey. Rylee is fucking Zoey in her ass real hard on the wall. That’s pretty much the best way to describe it. But if you love Zoey and/or Rylee, then you’ll definitely enjoy seeing these two animated for your pleasure. Special thanks goes out to SilkyMilk for doing the voicework for Zoey (and also Lana above).


Quick update: We’ve got our own Discord server! If you wanna join the Intrigue3D Discord, you can do so by clicking the image below. If you’re a patron supporter, you’ll need to go the patreon page for details on how to get access to your patreon-exclusive channels. Thanks and enjoy!