Got a few commissions done a while back that I wanted to share with ya. First up is from Sgt. Buck and features a new character Sinrae. Sinrae is a night-elf that’s gifted with both a voluptuous body and an enormous cock. During the dark of night, she gently touches her cock, feeling the electricity in her shaft build with every stroke. As she continues, Sinrae finds herself on the floor, jerking her massive cock as she unleashes a huge cumshot into the night’s sky. Who knows what the future bring for this lovely girl.

Next up is Sylvia, a new girl from evilhero2517. Sylvia’s a good friend of Alison, who has been begging her to do a couple of photoshoot with her. But Sylvia wants to get her feet a little wet before jumping into the pool and does a few pinup shots showing off her body. We’ll have to see if Sylvia will take Alison’s offer and do a little more than just a quick shoot. Until then enjoy!