Some stuff from a while ago. I did a few pinups of Rylee and Zoey in what could be considered their superhero alter ego. They were designed for a commission, but I wanted to do a few pinups just for fun. First up is Zlight, the superhero persona of Zoey. Her powers are who knows? She does something, but I’m too lazy to give her a backstory.

And last up is SheRy, a totally original character that’s not harping on an already established comic book character. Yeah…let’s go with that. A powerful woman with the power to grow bigger (especially one region).

Speaking of SheRy, I also did a request via Patreon featuring her with the other alt-version of Rylee, the tribal one. SheRy poses for the camera while Tribal Rylee looks to the side. What could she be looking at? Well, it turned out to be OG Rylee, which leads to the two alts to fuck her. 😀 Enjoy!