First off, I wanna say thank you to everyone who sent their full wishes. In case you’re wondering, no I’m planning to stop or anything. I just didn’t update because I’ve been busy with other stuff (and GoTG2, I mean c’mon man). I actually have a lot of fun doing this (and also it’s become cathartic in a weird way). I just needed to vent since I held it for too long and I’m glad I let it out. So once again, thank you.

Now I have an update for you today. This one was commissioned by Nuflash and features their character Elizabeth, a hot and voluptuous librarian. Elizabeth loves her job as a librarian at the college campus. She reads all the books she wants, use the free internet for research and gets to tell people to shut up. But the negative is that she sees all these young studs coming in and out of her library, leaving her to fantasize about fucking them. It’s become so sad that Elizabeth can’t wait until she gets home to masturbate. Every night after closing, she goes between the bookshelves and fingers herself, just thinking about all the cocks she could’ve sucked or fucked.

On this occasion, however, Elizabeth was so turned on, she forgot to double check and make sure no one else was in the library. Across the room was some nerdy guy who feel asleep, but woke up to the sounds of sexy moaning. He followed the sounds and saw Elizabeth rubbing her pussy. This excited the guy so much that he began to jerk himself at the sight. A thud was heard, which broke Elizabeth’s trance, causing her to turn around and see the guy jerking off to her. Not only that, but he had a huge cock to boot! Elizabeth, both worried about her job being in jeopardy and getting an eye for his dick, offered him a proposition: If he keeps quiet about the incident, she’ll fuck him right there on the spot. Naturally, the guy agreed.

Which is how this story began. I would go into further details, but I think the images will give you the story you need. 😀

There’s also a few pinups I did of Elizabeth. I really love the look of the character, so I may have to do more with her in the future (seriously dat ass). In the meantime, enjoy!