Update for today. This is mostly stuff requested on Patreon featuring some of the girls. We start with a continuation of the double-cock Adrian scene with Lana and Zoey. This time, Zoey gets both ends of the cock as they fuck her ass and pussy. Meanwhile, Lana is helping out by playing with Adrian’s nipples to ensure his sensitivity is at its limit.

Speaking of Zoey, here’s one with her with Kiara. After a nice warm shower, the two decide to get off. Both masturbate in front of the other (Kiara jerking her cock while Zoey uses a suction dildo). While it seems strange that the two want to masturbate instead of fucking, maybe they’re preparing for a future romp and wanna make sure they’re both ready and willing.


The next two parts featuring Lana & Rylee. The first features Lana as a dickgirl and 69ing with Rylee. Both sucks on each other’s cock on a comfy carpet. The two are totally immersed in their action and won’t stop until they can get the other to cum. Hopefully we’ll see these two continue in a future installment.

Last up is Lana (her regular non-dickgirl self) meeting Tribal Rylee! Lana explores the jungle with her trusty companion Adrian, but soon find one of the natives roaming through the land. Seeing the huge cock Rylee is packing, Lana decides to give herself a break to allow the jungle girl to fuck her in the ass. But it also looks Adrian is looking to join on the party as well. 😀

Hope you guys enjoy this stuff. And if you wanna check out more or possibly get your request done, then become a Patreon supporter today. Until then, enjoy!