First off, the response about the news from the last post was been tremendous. You guys have been awesome with your positive feedback that this should be a fun project. I got a few great auditions that I’m currently going through. I should have a final decision sometime soon.

Anyway, I’ve got some stuff to post. The first one was commissioned by MadMonk and features our favorite sleuth Velma, who’s desperate to keep her perfect score. The Dean gives her an opportunity to do that by having her join in on Poker Night with some of the other professors. She just didn’t realize her ass would be on the line as well. 😀


Next up was requested via Rando Requests a while back in January and features the X-Men Emma Frost and Rogue. Rogue is feeling horny and is looking to fuck. Her target today: Emma Frost. With her huge cock, she fucks Emma hard and gives her a huge creamy finish.

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