I have a big announcement that I want to share with you and how you can help! So listen closely darnit!

Over the past few months, I’ve been in talks with fellow artist Rikolo about doing a collaboration. After much discussion, I am currently proud to announce that we are set to release a joint project in the future! While I can’t give a lot details away at this time, I can inform you that the project will feature my character Lana interacting with Rikolo’s Rebecca. And yes, the project will be animated. 🙂

For those who don’t know who Rikolo is, Rikolo has created several high-quality titles featuring animation including My Cocky Maid, Sex Tape, and Pearl Necklace. If you haven’t checked those out, I highly recommend you do as they’re amazing. You can also check out more of his stuff at Tumblr.


In case you’re wondering, the images above are not part of the project. It was just our way of announcing the collaboration. Currently, we’re not releasing any additional information until we’re ready as this project will be a big one for both of us. But if you want to support us and check out WIP stuff for this project and other stuff, then become a supporter for both our Patreons. Not only that, but Patreon supporters can check out a demo animation we worked on (screenshot below).

Supro’s Patreon

Rikolo’s Patreon


Now there’s other very important thing that I do need from the community. For those that are female and interested in voice acting, there’s another way you can help. I’m currently looking for a VA to become the voice of Lana. This is a really important role, so if you think you have the voice (and moans) to capture Lana, then contact admin@intrigue3d.com with the subject “Lana VO Audition”. I’ll send additional details within the week. This will be a paid job if you’re selected. If you have any questions about this, leave a comment below or email me. Applicants must be 18 or older.


Become a Patreon supporter for Supro or Rikolo (or both) to check out the animation. Thanks!