‘Member those elf characters I used to use for Christmas? Well, if you missed them, then you should be happy to know that I’ve brought them back. Since it had been a long time since I last used them, I had updated the characters with a newer model and they ended up turning out nicely. I’ve worked on a few scenarios with them, but I’ve got two that were requested by my Patrons (who got first dibs at seeing the newness).

First up are the girls working together on Adrian and his monster cock. With his cock being so huge (more than a fifth of their height), the two try a different approach: A Blowjob/Rimjob. Sugar tries to suck on Adrian’s cock, but just barely gets her mouth around it. Meanwhile, Spice licks off Adrian’s ass, hoping to get him to cum that way. Try as they might, but this might be a task too much for them. 😀

Meanwhile, for you dickgirl fans, the two decide they have a better chance at succeeding by growing cocks and fucking Lana & Zoey. It halfway works. While Spice enjoys fucking Zoey’s pussy, it’s a different case for Sugar as she can’t handle the pleasure of her cock being wrapped around Lana’s ass. Whatever the case may be, it’s gonna be a long night for these two (and Lana & Zoey).

And lastly, there’s just a set featuring the two in lesbian. BUT it’s gonna be part of the Affect3D Gives Back charity set, which will be released later this week. There will be several other artists in there, so definitely pick up a copy before it’s gone. Here’s a quick preview of my portion. Until then, enjoy!