Hope everyone in the continental US had a good Thanksgiving. And for everyone else, I hope you also had a good day yesterday as well. Today’s updates are a few requests I received on Patreon (more on that in a bit). For starters, we have a simple pic of Krissy keeping warm (well her upper torso at least) with a turtleneck sweater and a hot cup of tea. While everyone is out pushing and shoving to get a deal on the latest stuff, Krissy knows about Amazon and its amazing savings (Note: not sponsored by Amazon. I just love Prime :D).


Continuing with Krissy, ever wondered what happened at the end of Krissy And The Minotaur? A patron did and wanted to see a scene with Krissy getting it by the black minotaur.  Let’s just say that the blue one was less dangerous than this one. 😀

And finally, we have the adult versions of the Powerpuff Girls working to fight a huge monster. With their combined forces, they might be able to take it down (or keep it satisfied for the time being :D).


All these pics were requested via Patreon. If you wanna give a shot at Rando Request, then pledge $5 today. Not only that, but I’ve opened a few new tiers with different rewards including the entire Intrigue3D catalog. So pledge today and thanks!