New update. We’ve got two different scenes going on, both requested via Patreon. The first one features Krissy in a futa/dickgirl gangbang with June, Kiara and Rylee as the three stuff Krissy’s holes. Rylee’s mouth fills Krissy’s mouth, stretching it to the limit. Meanwhile, Kiara and June fuck her pussy and ass, making sure those holes are fully closed. Krissy getting dicked by three dickgirls sounds like a lot, but you know how Krissy can be. 😀

Meanwhile in another place, Zoey is chained up and getting her asshole stretched out. Each guy takes turns fucking Zoey’s asshole while the others wait for their turn. Being in this position can wear a girl out, but Zoey is still braving on (even if her arms are getting tired :P). Enjoy!

As stated earlier, both of these scenes were requested via Rando Requests through Patreon. If you like to see more requests and maybe make your own for next month, pledge today! You can also get access to early updates, WIPs, and more! Thanks!