New update for today. This one was commissioned by Super-Badger and features Zoey trying her brand-new state of the art monster long dildo in a parking lot. It sounds like a lot to fit in, but Zoey can manage. 😀 In a local parking lot, Zoey tries to use her new dildo for the very first time. The length seems too much for her, but she’s able to get it real deep inside her pussy and ass. But it seems like one isn’t enough as she even tries to fist her pussy while the dildo fills her asshole. Maybe next time, she’ll order a second one to fit that need (or get some much needed help from friends ;)). Enjoy!

I also worked on another pic featuring Zoey. This one was requested by a Patreon supporter and features Zoey getting fucked by the black minotaur from the end of Krissy & The Minotaur (spoilers!). If you wanna partake in the Rando Requests for next month or check out some of the other stuff I’ve worked out, then pledge today by clicking here. Enjoy!