Rylee is back in the long awaited sequel to her first title and this time, she’s joined by another first timer!

Rylee just loves to get her workout on. You know what else she loves? Being alone and working out while in the nude. And that’s just exactly what she planned on doing. During the middle of her routine, she gets interrupted by the gym’s manager, who’s easily impressed by Rylee’s dong. But Rylee isn’t the only one with a huge piece of meat between her legs! Find out what happens when two fit dickgirls with an ache to fuck exactly do just that! Featuring oral, vaginal and anal, Workout 2 is one sequel you can’t miss out on!


Workout 2 features 137 images featuring Rylee and June getting it on. Also included is a textless version AND some WIP stuff. You can get this set for $11.95. Not only that, but if you haven’t picked up Zoey & Friends or The Art Of Fucking, you can now check out the Intrigue3D Dickgirls Bundle, which contains all three for a low price! You can get it at these fine places:

Workout 2 on Affect3D Store

Workout 2 on Renderotica

Workout 2 on Gumroad

Workout 2 on Payhip

Intrigue3D Dickgirls Bundle on Affect3D Store

Alright, so that completes my recent trifecta of dickgirls (and quite fitting we end with an introduction of sorts). Anyway, last few weeks have been rough, but thankfully you guys have been the coolest and most supportive fans. So sincerely, I thank you for your kind words and support.

I also wanna thank Devil-HS and newLegacyInc for allowing me to use their works for the background posters. I’ve been a fan of both, so I really appreciate it. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the title and if you have comments, leave them below and I’ll check them out. Until then, enjoy!