I recently commissioned some artwork from VallZed featuring Lana (mostly) and Krissy. The first pic is a simple pinup of Lana. She’s bent over and extremely horny, waiting for you to give her the D to her A. 😀 The second pic is Lana getting it doggy style. Lana’s ass is stretched as Adrian’s huge cock pushes deeper inside her, but she isn’t done yet as a second cock come in and DAPs her. The pleasure is almost overwhelming for her, but she can handle it (she’s a big girl after all ;)). Lastly, I got one featuring Krissy giving a tittyfuck. Using her recently upgraded boobs, she gives Adrian the tittyfuck of his life, squeezing and draining his cock dry and covering her tits in a gooey mess. Krissy loves to tittyfuck big cocks and this one was no exception!

Enjoy these and check out more of VallZed’s works over on Hentai-Foundry or Tumblr! Enjoy!