I did a 4-part series featuring a few of the girls hanging out at the beach one day and their experiences, each slightly different from the others. For starters, Rylee just wants a quiet day where she can rest her body. At a nude beach, of course. Only problem is Rylee’s massive cock is out in the open, letting a bunch of gawkers see it up close. Some girls are in complete shock by the size while others are extremely horny and want to go to Bone Zone. But right now, Rylee isn’t looking for a fuck. At least not yet.


At another beach, Lana and Adrian spend the day together, but Lana gets a little frisky and wants to suck on Adrian’s cock. Adrian may say no, but his cock says otherwise. As she’s going to town on his monster, two other guys see them and ask if they can join in. Lana obliges, sucking on all three. Eventually, she feels it’s getting too cramped (out on an open beach) and ask Adrian if they can go somewhere private.


Meanwhile, the two guys are left with her dicks hanging out and wondering what the hell just happened. Luckily, Krissy arrives, ready and willing to fuck. The two guys enjoy fucking Krissy and she loves every second. At least everyone gets a happy ending in that story.


Lastly, Kiara attempts to get to know more about Zoey. The two aren’t really close, nor hang out much. Kiara tries to strike up a conversation. Zoey, on the other hand, is just there to relax underneath her umbrella, telling Kiara that “Unless you’re down to fuck, I’m not in the mood.” That’s when Kiara pulls her cock out and presses it against Zoey’s face. Zoey is impressed and wants to give Kiara’s cock a try for the first time. The two fuck under the umbrella with Zoey riding on Kiara’s cock anally. You only have to wonder how close will be after this vacation. 😀

I hope you guys enjoy these pieces. If you’re a Patreon supporter, I did two alternate angles for the Kiara/Zoey one (it deserved a few extra shots) exclusive to my Patrons. If you wanna check them out and more see content including WIP stuff and help suggest future images, then pledge $5 today. In the meantime, enjoy!