Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates on the site. I didn’t mean to worry any of you for thinking I disappeared or something, but I’ve just been busy working on stuff the last two weeks (which I’ll get to after this update). But today I have an update from a while back. This one was commissioned by MadMonk, who wanted to see a prequel for the previous Velma images I did (check them out here and here).

Like before, Velma is doing whatever it takes to get an A, even if it means taking it in her A. But before that commences, The Dean wants to see how well her oral skills are. Seeing the huge cock right in front of her eyes, Velma is hesitant at first, but becomes willing to do it if it means getting a perfect grade. But before long, The Dean pushes her down deeper, causing her to almost pass out from the lack of oxygen. But luckily, The Dean lets go to give some breathing room before the assfucking begins…

Included are two variants of the images which features dialogue from MadMonk himself. Enjoy!

Anyway, Patreon news! For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of updates including character renders, character updates, lighting tests, and even a few new images. I’ve posted at least 1 or 2 updates every day. Below is some of the stuff I’ve been posting on there (most of it is dickgirl or futa). If you wanna see more, then click here and pledge at the $5 mark to see what’s going on. Thanks!