So today I’ve got some stuff featuring two character that might look familiar to you. This one was requested by Watatsumi through Patreon and features Chun-Li and Cammy (the futa variety) squaring off in the middle of a desolate street while wearing very little (because hey, why not?). The battle intensifies as the two go at. But Chun-Li makes a crucial mistake and tries a thrust kick, only for Cammy’s cock strike right into Chun-Li’s pussy. At the moment, the two begin to realize why should they fight when they fuck?! And that’s how our happy story ends. 😀

Quick shoutout to SquarePeg3D for the outfits and Cammy’s hair. Definitely go check out some of their stuff over on their tumblr blog. Also if you wanna support me (and hopefully get your own request filled out), then you can do so via Patreon. Not only will you get access to WIP stuff, but I’m also gonna be working on providing more options such as requests and probably images you won’t see here (due to various reasons). If you wanna help, just join and pledge today! Anyway enjoy!