Worked on a few commissions for evilhero2517 featuring their character Alison. And now she’s back! This time, she’s a cheerleader. The Cougars are only one game away from winning and Alison wants to make sure her cheering is pitch perfect. So she decides to practice a few moves that will surely give her team the victory. From bouncing up and down to lift her shirt to reveal her hard nipples or even jumping high enough to where they can see her lack of panties, anything is fair game.

There’s also a couple of pics featuring her, Zoey and Cindy. The first one features all three taking part in some lesbian action in the shower. The other pic is for a mock poster design featuring the three starring a Zombie vs. Cheerleader movie. The girls are fully arms with chainsaws, swords and guns. So Zombies shouldn’t mess with these chicks. Enjoy!