I know some of you are thinking “Where’s Supro? Why hasn’t he updated in two weeks? Is he okay? Is he dead? I hope he’s not dead. But man, I’m so angry at him. Why hasn’t he updated yet? Where’s the new Lana?! He’s cockteasing me! I hate him! I hate him so much!!!” First off, the reports of my death were grossly exaggerated. Secondly, the Lana reveal was gonna happen earlier in the week, but I hit a bit of a snag. There’s a few moving parts in place for her and I’m trying to get one done, but if it doesn’t come through by the end of the month, I’ll post what I have of her up (Promise!).

I do have some breaking news and that is I’ve also worked on the Krissy redesign. I worked with Sgt. Buck, who approved the new design. Like with Lana, there will several changes to the look of the character. For example, her tattoo sleeves have been changed to be more colorful than previous (that way her and Zoey aren’t fighting over who got those sleeves first :D). There’s also another change to the character that people will either love or really love. 🙂 Once the Lana redesign is posted, I’ll be posting Krissy’s up shortly afterward. And yes, I’ve already done pics with the two together.

In the meantime, I’ll post a few stuff that’s been waiting to get posted for a while. First up is a commission for Zoltan (hail Zoltan!) and features the two forementioned characters Krissy & Lana. For some apparent reason, it looks like the girls magically received bigger than usual breasts and want to showcase them for everyone. EDIT: I should probably clear this up since some of you think the image below are the redesigns of Lana and Krissy. They are not. The changes were done at the request of the client for this piece alone.


Next up is some extra renders I did for the Affect3D Gives Back set with Chloe. If you missed the title while it was on sale, don’t worry. I’ll post that set up later in the month.

I also got a couple of artwork pieces in earlier this week. First was from one of my fave artists Devil-HS and features Lana and her ass getting bukkaked. Even one guy snuck his cock inside her anus and squirted a quick load. But she’s not upset. In fact, she’s quite impressed by the loads dished out on her. Enjoy and check out more from Devil-HS.


This one I got as a gift from Vader120 who commissioned RileySerenity. It features a chibi Lana & Adrian getting down and dirty. I like the cuteness of this as Lana gets her ass plowed. Awesome. Enjoy!


Lastly, I’m opening up a Donate page. This is primarily for those who want to donate, but miss out on commissions (which are still open, but on a waiting list) or can’t purchase any of my titles from Affect3D Store. I’m basically asking for gift cards for Daz3D at this time. If you like to donate, click on the banner below. Thanks!