New update for today. This one was commissioned by evilhero2517 and features their character Alison (whom we met before) interacting with some of the girls of Intrigue3D. Alison always wanted to work with the girls, so once she was invited to a guest shoot she naturally obliged. She was a little starstruck at first, seeing Lana, Krissy and the others. But once she got to know them, she felt more comfortable and thought she could impress them with some of her skills. She showed Cindy her fingering skills, making her cum a lot. She gave Krissy analingus, licking her asshole to such perfection. She gave Kiara a footjob, which Kiara thoroughly enjoyed while licking Alison’s own ass. And she sucked on Lana, which Lana couldn’t help but do the same to her. After all that, the girls decided to give Alison one last moment by having all five pose for the camera as a keepsake for Alison. Maybe we’ll see Alison again in the future. Enjoy!