Couple of stuff for today. First up, I did some fanart of Devil-HS’ Battle Nun Veronica. I love Devil’s work (it’s why I commission him all the time), so I wanted to do something cool with one of his character. And who better than his badass demon-slaying nun? (Maybe Stripes, but we’ll get to her later ;)). Here, Veronica is looking to exorcise some evil spirits. With her pistols out and her cigarette lit, she’s ready to kick some demon scum ass. You can check out more of Veronica on Devil-HS’ Hentai Foundry.


Next up is a piece I commissioned from Buru featuring Rylee buttfucking Zoey. There’s not more to that. I really do love the combination of the two, so you’ll expect to see more of them in the coming months. Enjoy and check out more of Buru’s works over on his H-F profile!