New update for today. I recently commissioned a speedpaint from TheKite featuring our favorite buffed-up dickgirl Rylee! Rylee heard about a new gym called Alpha Bitches Gym, one that caters to the dickgirl crowd and lets them hang their dangly parts out while they work out. Rylee always enjoyed doing it in private, but publicly with other dickgirls? Rylee was not too sure of it. Luckily, some of the other regulars were pretty cool with Rylee, which helped her feel more confident (and much more horny). After getting a few reps in, Rylee could feel her libido increasing faster and faster as the blood flow caused her cock to swell immensely. Rylee couldn’t believe how thick her cock looked while a huge string of precum dripped down to the floor. Maybe there’s something in the water fountain that’s causing it, but whatever it is, Rylee will surely be back there again. Enjoy this piece and if you wanna see more of TheKite’s works (including more Alpha Bitches pieces), check them out on their Hentai-Foundry page!