New update for today. I recently commissioned Devil-HS a new pic, this time featuring Krissy! Like Lana, Krissy’s dream have gotten more and more lewd over the last couple of years. On this night, she dreams of her body getting ravaged by the fattest, longest, sloppiest cocks imaginable. Krissy imagines those cocks fucking her tight pussy and ass at the same time, stretching her holes without caution. Even though her mouth is being pumped with precum, she whispers “fuck me” as she drips every single drop that the cock releases. As the cock plunge deeper inside Krissy’s body, she feels the intensity of an orgasm approaching closer and closer when suddenly BAM! She falls out the bed and wakes up. 😀

You have to wonder what Lana and Krissy are drinking to have dreams like that……Oh.

Enjoy and check out more of Devil-HS’s stuff over on tumblr!