Okay, I’ve got a lot for today’s update. To start is a trio of pics featuring Lana, Zoey and Justine. First up is Lana at the beach. Lana loves going there, especially a hard session at work. Hey, even porn stars even a vacation every once in a while. 🙂

Next is Zoey, who I manage to update her textures using RedskinSSS. Same thing with Justine.

I also worked on a wallpaper with Justine. This one comes in two varieties: 1080p or 4k! You can choose whichever one you like.


I also made a wallpaper of June. Sadly, I only did a 1080p version (somehow the settings for the save got erased). I expect to do some of her in the near future (with the possibility of a title).

And I also did an update to the Alfie model. I really love Incase’s character and thought I should revisit here. I made a few changes to her face, breast size and her height. She was much taller previously, but now she’s at her correct height. Hmm who doesn’t love dem some halfling?


Lastly, I’ve got some I commissioned a while ago. The first one is by T2Death and the aftermath of one sloppy blowjob from Zoey. The next is from SamuraiBlack and is of Lana in a bikini. And finally a Lana Liberty and Mistress pic by H-Sefra. Check out all these artists by clicking on their names. Enjoy!