So this is going to be a really tough post to make, but I’ll try my best to do so. If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last week, I was in the hospital.

When I made the update on Tuesday, I was feeling better than I did the previous two days. Not jumping up and down, but I could move around and not feel dizzy. So I thought whatever I had would clear up on Wednesday or Thursday at the very least. But that didn’t happen as I started to feel nausea during the afternoon to the point where I vomited. I took that as a sign to go to the ER and see what’s up.

I drove to the nearest hospital, checked-in, told them what was wrong, got the vitals done (nurse had said I looked pale coming in), and had bloodwork done. Then I waited another hour or so before they put in one of the rooms. The doctor came in and told me that there was something abnormal in the bloodwork, so they wanted to do a CT scan to see if it was something serious or not. So they did the scan and after sometime, the doctor came back with terrible news: My kidneys were failing and I want to start on Long-Term Dialysis.

I was devastated. I completely broke down after hearing this.

I don’t know how it happened and the doctors were unsure how it gotten this bad for someone my age (I’m 27 btw). They said I also had high blood pressure, but they didn’t know if it was the cause or the effect of the kidney failure. All they know was that I needed to start dialysis soon.

They kept me in the hospital for a week to do a few sessions (they said they wanted to do at least 3 Dialysis procedures before discharge) and to make sure I got treatment outside the hospital. But for the first couple of days, I was just worried. I didn’t know what to think outside of thinking my life was over. But as I learned more about the treatment, I started to feel relaxed, especially after one of the doctors said I could be a possible candidate for a kidney transplant (though it won’t happen for a few years) and after my family came to visit me at the hospital to see how I was doing.

That’s what happened in the last week. I’m probably gonna take a short break from 3DX because after getting this news, my heart is not in it right now. Once I get myself situated, I’ll get started again.

So yeah that’s basically it.