Got a HUGE (in more ways than one) update today. This set was recently commissioned Amaterasu and features their character MeyMey giving our beloved Zoey something she needs: A big, floppy futa cock! MeyMey has had her eye on Zoey for quite some time. But after a hard workout, Zoey decided to get herself clean up and that’s when MeyMey introduce herself.

Zoey couldn’t believe the size of MeyMey’s monster cock, feeling it throb within her hand as it got warmer and thicker by the second. With MeyMey’s cock at full erect, Zoey was still in awe by the sheer size. MeyMey decided to ask Zoey if she could pleasure her orally. Zoey knew this thing would easily break her jaw and decided to suck on MeyMey’s balls, measuring each testicles with her hand and tongue. MeyMey loved the pressure by Zoey’s mouth on her balls, leaking out a huge glob of cum down her shaft. But the pressure was growing and MeyMey couldn’t handle it any longer. She wanted to fuck Zoey bad.

MeyMey picked Zoey up with ease and slid her right down her cock. Zoey’s mind went blank from the insertion, the pleasure was too much for her. MeyMey, on the other, wasn’t done. She loved how tight Zoey was and wanted to get deeper, twisting Zoey’s legs behind her head and constantly pumping her dick easily. It wasn’t long before MeyMey shot out a huge cumshot inside Zoey (who even began to spit out some of the cum).

MeyMey then laid down on the floor to rest a bit. With her erection still strong, she told Zoey to sit on it. Zoey obeyed like a submissive slut and rode MeyMey’s cock. Her pussy was stretched to the brim by MeyMey’s thickness. The pain she felt was slowly becoming pure bliss as she rode on MeyMey’s member. Even after MeyMey squirt a huge load of cum everywhere, Zoey still wanted more. She even offered her asshole to keep the feeling. MeyMey was not one to resist and tried to fuck Zoey’s ass. Her cock, though, was way too big for Zoey’s ass, reaching only halfway in. But it was still enough as MeyMey gave Zoey one final mark to remember her by before leaving her in the showers to rest.

Maybe in the future, they’ll meet again. But until that day, enjoy!