Added new pics to the Two Or More section. This one was commissioned by Versalsen, who wanted to see Alexis and Justine having some fun under the sun (with some nudity thrown in). After a stressful couple of months, Alexis & Justine get some time away from the office and spend it at the beach. Justine wants to rest and maybe get a tan. Alexis, on the other hand, wants to fucking tweet and instragram everything.

Alexis gets in Justine’s personal space, taking pictures of the two together. Justine is visibly annoyed and feels a little violated, so she decides to get some revenge. As Alexis poses for another pic, Justine slowly begins to undo Alexis’ bottom bikini. Alexis realizes this a little too late as the camera snaps a shot and sends it to all her followers. Alexis is furious while Justine is laughing up a storm. But Justine doesn’t notice Alexis grabbing onto her bikini and pulling her straight, giving her the crazy wedgie ever. The two start to argue and even get into a quick scruffle, which ends with Alexis on top of Justine.

They both realize that fighting is pointless and laugh it off. Both slowly undo the other’s bikini for giggles. But to their shock and horror, someone they know from work was watching the whole thing. Before they could stop her, the third party is able to get a photo of the two in an uncompromising situation. There’s 11 pics in total with 5 base poses and an alternate shot from the camera (we’ll assume a crab was pressing buttons when the phone fell out of Alexis’ hand) with an extra angle for the fifth. Enjoy!