Alright, so the release date for my next title is this coming Saturday. I hope everyone is prepared for the release. There’s a few details about the title:

  • The set will feature over 120 images. I’m not done rendering and won’t be until maybe Wednesday.
  • The main portion (Krissy/Rylee) will be 94 images.
  • There’s also a solo set featuring Rylee. Currently, there’s 28 images already completed for that one and there’s still a few left before that’s completed. There’s a preview below.
  • Current price will be $12.95, but there will be a release weekend special. So expect it to be under $10 when it goes up on Affect3D Store.

After the release of the title, I’ll be taking a short break to do some touch-ups on the site including a new layout and galleries for Kiara and possibly Rylee (that’s all depending on how well Workout does). Not only that, but some stuff will be changed out like the current roster will be trimmed down to a healthier number (there’s way too many girls right now).

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. Hope you all enjoy the preview (along with the other ones) and see you this Saturday!