I hope everyone had a great Christmas. To end this holiday, I wanted to give you guys a present that I know you’ll love: Lana! 😀 I worked on a short image set featuring Lana having a chance meeting with Santa Claus (or Adrian dressed as him). Lana is a little anxious this year and wants to open her presents early, but Santa finds out before she can do so. Instead of punishing her, Santa knows she’s been a good girl all year and deserves to get her present. Lana wants to give Santa a big kiss for what he’s giving her. Just not on the lips. 😀

For a last minute idea, I’m really happy with how the set turned out. I mean, look at that fireplace! 😀 Anyway, this set features 20 images (19 plus a pinup) and contains deepthroating action (’cause Lana can do it!). There’s also one pic that you’re either gonna love or hate. You’ll know when you see it. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy and have a great holiday!