So today’s update is a pretty big one as I had commissioned DarkerEve and recently received the second patch a few days ago. Majority of them featuring Lana with Adrian (always a good combo), but I got a few with other characters like Krissy and DarkerEve’s own OC Maya (from the comic JM&M Beach N’ Bitches). There’s even one featuring Kiara! So enjoy these and check more of DarkerEve’s stuff over on his DA page and his 18+ blog. Enjoy!

lana-adrian_by_darkereve05kiara_by_darkereve lana-adrian_by_darkereve06 lana-adrian_by_darkereve07lana_by_darkereve03 lana-maya-adrian_by_darkereve lana-krissy-adrian_by_darkereve