zoeylovesposterI announced this earlier on Patreon this week, but I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag here. I’m announcing that I’m working on my next title Zoey Loves and it will be released on November 15th!

This set will be a departure from the previous Love series. For one, it’s Zoey. So it’s gonna get weird. There’s gonna be around 5 fetishes (Pinups, Huge Cocks, Futanari, Gender Bending, and a fifth one

[more on that later]). I’m not gonna be strict about the number of images per fetish, so those will increase from previous titles. For example, Gender Bending and Futanari are already past 10 at this point.

As for the fifth one, I don’t have any ideas yet. If you’ve got an idea that you wanna try, leave a comment here and I’ll give it a look. If the ideas are really good, we may have to up the amount from 5. 🙂

I’ve been posting up WIP and previews to the $5 pledgers (including a preview of the rule 63 Zoey). If you wanna get a sneak peek and some more cool stuff, then pledge today!