I got this nice surprise a couple of days ago. Nacnac drew some fanart of Kiara! It’s only been a week since release and she’s already got some art! And boy does she look hot! She’s looking ready for her next shoot and can’t wait to let her big one out. 🙂 It was a very awesome treat from nacnac and I can’t thank you enough. You should go over to his Hentai-Foundry profile and fave them now. Enjoy!


Btw my favorite gaming stream NewLegacyInc held a 24 hour stream to raise money for the Fighting Back Cancer Society. They were able to surpass their goal of $8,000, raising over $10,000 total (!).  I was able to check out some of the shenanigans including the special appearance by a certain wrestling personality. And boy what a swerve it was (hint!). Hopefully parts of the stream will be up later.  But you can still donate to the cause by clicking on this link.