Finally! After a long week, I have the preview for Kiara’s Debut (that’s the title!). To start things off, we’ll get to know a little about Kiara and also get some top nudity. Not much is going on here, but you’ll definitely want to read between the lines. πŸ˜‰Β Click here to see the preview or just look below!

Note: The preview is only at 1280×720. The actual set will be 1920×1080.

So bit of a backstory. The preview was supposed to be go up earlier in the week (like around Thursday-ish). But I’ve been working on the set vigorously while listening to Nico Vega’s new album (it’s a great one, you should buy it) that I kept putting it off. Once I looked over what I had, there were some scenes I had remove to take out (they’ll be in the extras section), some I had to change the order for, and some I had to render out to fill in the blanks I made. In any event, I’m still working on the set. But currently, I’m already over 150+ images (!!!) for this one. The main story should be around 100-ish, but with the extras being thrown in, this will definitely be my biggest work yet.

So we already know the title. We already know how big the set is gonna big. And now, we have a release date: August 9th. Yes, August 9th is when the set will be dropping over at the Affect3D Store. Coincidentally, my first release Lana Loves came out 52 weeks ago on August 10th. So that’s a perfect date to release this new joint. πŸ™‚ So mark that date on the calendar because Kiara’s Debut will be big!

One other update: I’m planning on updating the site’s theme in the very near future. This one did good for the last two years, but now I think it’s time we get a new one. So if you guys got any suggestions or a theme recommendation, let me know!