New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Sabrith Ebonclaw featuring their character Sabrith (Red hair) & Tayelle (Pink hair). Tayelle has created a new potion, but needs a test subject to see what the effects are. Sabrith volunteers to try it out, not knowing what it will do to her. After some hesitation, she take a swig of the potion.

The potion begins to have an immediate effect on her as her clothing becomes tighter. She removes them and finds herself with a more voluptuous body than before. Her boobs have become huge with milk dripping out. Sabrith’s whole body is turned on as she finds herself unable to stop touching herself.

After seeing the results, Tayelle records the data and puts the paper inside one of the books. That’s when she notices there’s a bit of potion left. She decides to give a try…