Soooo I got a lot of Zoey stuff today. Most of it is 2D (which is always good). So I’ll be slowly posting them up all this week.

I’ll start off with the first item I got, which is from one of my favorite artist Incase. Incase has a blind auction earlier this week and, after sending him a couple of ideas, he ended up going with the Zoey one. Incase enjoys working with Zoey a lot (he did choose to do her after all), so what better way to treat her than by tying her hands behind her back and making her give sloppy blowjobs? 😀 Zoey’s really into it, though, drooling all over his dick while more cocks surround her. It starts to get even messier as cum pours all over her body. But she doesn’t care. In fact, she loves it and wants more cocks. But alas, that will have to wait for another day… Enjoy!