New stuff for today. I recently got some art from two kickass artists. To start things off, Dsan was holding a $5 sketch special that I couldn’t resist. He did two pics featuring Lana, showing off her quality assets. I definitely recommend checking out Dsan’s work over on Hentai-Foundry. His work is fun and just awesome, especially the comic Mya & Janet. Fun (futa) stuff there. 🙂

lana_by_dsan lana_by_dsan02

On the other side of the coin is Devil-HS, showing Lana in a more hardcore setting. For starters, Lana is trying to give a huge cock a nice sensual blowjob. She loves the taste of huge cock as it drips precum down her throat. Though, it’s not all great as now, this cock has anal on its mind. She’s never dealt with a cock this big before (and it doesn’t help that it has a cock ring, making it even thicker than usual). With her arms tied behind her back, the cock tried to penetrate Lana’s asshole. Because she’s never taken this much girth before, she lets out “Are you serious?” For her, it’s going to be a long night. 🙂 As always, check out Devil-HS’ works out on Hentai-Foundry. Always a fantastic artist to work with and I know you’ll love his stuff (because you’re on my site :D). Enjoy!


Btw if you have any ideas on how I should release the 30-image Zoey BJ set, let me know over here.