I’m pretty happy with the sales of Krissy Loves so far (outside of that problem on Saturday), so now it’s time to get back to regularly updating the site. I got a few pics done over the last couple of weeks. The first two are from Lemonfont. If you don’t know who Lemonfont is, he created the awesomely awesome comic Shapeshifter (and there’s gonna be a part 4 soon! *squees*).  I commissioned a couple of pics featuring Zoey. The first one shows off Zoey in casual clothing holding a pool cue. Hopefully, she’s in the mood to game and not cracking somebody upside the head. 😀 The second featured her with a dick. With that wicked smile on her face, I’m scared of what she’s thinking. 😀 I love Lemonfont’s take on Zoey, capturing the character nicely here. Definitely check out the pics and more of his stuff over on his tumblr blog (Warning: May cause addiction to scotch eggs)

The final pic comes to us from PrivatePomegranate, who’s doing their third rendition. This time Zoey is pulling out some beads from an undisclosed hole (leave it to your imagination) while being curious about it. Maybe she thought she left something else in that hole instead of that. 😀 Pomegranate keeps doing justice to Zoey as I definitely love this pic. Don’t forget to check out more of PP’s stuff on Hentai-Foundry. Enjoy!

zoey_by_lemonfont zoey_by_lemonfont02 zoey_by_privatepomegranate03