Krissy Loves is a 63 image set showcases Krissy in so many ways. Love seeing her body? We’ve got pinups! Love seeing her get fucked? There’s a bunch of pics featuring that too. Wanna see her with a cock? That’s included! How about bigger breasts? Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s all here! You can get it for $7.95! Yes, that’s insanely cheap!

Krissy Loves Product Image(More preview pics here)

Not only that, but if you haven’t picked up the previous sets Lana Loves or Zoey Gets Fucked (Over), then you can save on a special Intrigue3D Girls Bundle. All three sets are included at a low price of $22.95, but for this weekend only (seriously, these weekends are awesome), it’s only $17.95! So get Krissy Loves or the bundle or the other sets separately!

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And the shilling is over.

Thank you everyone for supporting the site and I hope you enjoy Krissy Loves as much as I had fun making it. I wanna SergeantBuck for allowing me to use Krissy in such a manner. I hope he’s happy with the results with this. πŸ™‚ With this release, I’m a year older now. So hopefully, I can celebrate my birthday with good sales. πŸ™‚ Thanks again!