So I started working on this in my spare time a while back, but stopped due to reason. But I thought you might enjoy the follies of Lana & Lir with Adrian stuck smack-dab in the middle. 🙂 Before doing whatever they were about to do, Lana & Adrian get interrupted by Lir, who wants to take Adrian away with her. Threatening by this intrusion, Lana shoves Adrian’s head right between her breasts. Adrian is shocked by this sudden event, but dammit who could resist those puppies? 😀 Not to be outdone, Lir drops down and gives his balls a nice licking. Lana can’t believe it! Lir looks up at Lana with a smirk, but Lana isn’t through by a long shot.

Well, she is. For now since these are the only pics done. Depending on how well you guys like these, I can probably continue doing this set. So let me know by commenting below. Enjoy!


Also, I realized I didn’t post this pic of Lana and Lir up before, so enjoy this one too. 🙂