The rendering stage of the comic is done, so I might as well make the announcement. This Saturday will be the release of Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) over on Affect3D Store! That’s right! It will finally be out!


As we’re closing in, I should probably go into some more detail about the title. As stated previously, the 61-image comic is about Zoey being stuck wearing a chastity belt and trying to get her freedom through any means. While she gets really close to her goal, someone else stops her before it happens. 🙂 Also included will be 20 bonus images featuring Zoey masturbating/fucking to her heart’s content and a textless version of the comic, giving you at least 142 images! Though, a lot can happen from now until Saturday. 😉 ZGFO will be regularly priced at $12.95, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. From this Saturday to Tuesday the 22nd, you can get for only $10! What a steal!


But that’s not all! I’ll be giving away 3 FREE COPIES of the comic. All you have to do is enter the contest below!

The ZGFO Contest

How to enter:

All you have to do is answer one of the three questions correctly by posting a comment below. The first person to answer a question correctly will receive a copy of Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) on release day. You can try to answer all three, but only one correct answer will count towards the prize. Here are the questions:

1) On my Hentai-Foundry account, how many total pics are there featuring Zoey? Answered by Lazy Fuck

2) What is Zoey’s middle name? Answered by Doboy

3) How long would Zoey’s cock be if she had one? Answered by Vez

The contest will run until Friday night. If all three prizes are not given out by this, I’ll randomly select the winner(s). Good luck!