That’s right! You heard me!  Evollusionist‘s Lir is now part of the site! 🙂

One of my all-time favorite 3DX characters, Lir will be joining the other girls of Intrigue 3D, meaning you’ll get to see more of her on this very site. With her gorgeous looks and bigjuicy booty, how can you not love? Oh and she also has red skin, but don’t discount her because of that! She’s got a hell of a lot to offer and I’m glad Evol has given me permission to bring her aboard.

You can check out her gallery over at this link. It will be featuring both Evol’s work and my work of Lir. Also, check up her quick bio on The Girls section. We’ll be adding more pics of her in the coming months including a few with her and Lana. 🙂 So sit back and enjoy!