I had something else I planned on posting for today (well, yesterday). But considering how behind it is, I’ll move this one up for today. This one was commissioned by Doboy featuring his girl Blossom interacting the one and only Lana. The girls and one lucky gentleman are having themselves a bubble bath party, just with a lot more fucking than usual. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Lana gets the first fuck with the guy, who proceeds to fuck her ass quite thoroughly (the slippery water makes it easier for them to do it). Meanwhile, Blossom tries to use a dildo to get herself off. Not wanting her to feel left out, Lana grabs onto Blossom’s tits and squeezes them. The feeling is enough for both of them as they orgasm. But they’re not done yet. It’s Blossom’s turn next! 😀 Enjoy!