A couple of months ago, I got a sweet sweet pic from Devil-HS featuring Lana about get double anal. It was a wonderful pic. Then a while later, the artist stopped posting adult stuff. I got scared. But luckily, he’s returned and is doing commissions, which I naturally got a couple. 🙂 The first one featuring a special POV pic where you, the lucky guy (or futa for some of the ladies watching this site), get a titjob from Lana. Her breasts are pressed around your cock as you spurt out cum all over her face, chest and glasses. But it doesn’t seems like you’re done yet (or at least, Lana doesn’t think you are ;)). The second pic features Lana in a bikini. Pretty self-explanatory, but I love the angle here. It’s like she’s looking down at you, wondering if you’re looking for a good time, which always a good thing. 🙂 Devil-HS is an awesome artist that I can’t stop praising. If you haven’t checked out his works, then go over to his HF profile and see it for yourself. In the meantime, enjoy!

lana-titfuck_by_devil-hs lana_by_devil-hs

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