Time for some new things today. First up, we have Lana and Churchill’s Fyre Melons. Lana wants to know how well Fyre can handle herself, so she puts through a test. After an intense (if not intimate) staredown, Lana calls for the guys to enter the scene. The girls are amazed by the bounty in front of them: Two massive members for each of them. Before they begin, Lana asks “Are you sure you’re up to the task?” Fyre replies, “You betcha.” They each proceed to grab onto the cocks in front of them, licking and sucking each and every one of them. After a while, the girls are side by side, ready for hot and thick layers of cum to cover their bodies. After it’s all said and done, Lana feels that Fyre has passed and is ready for her next phase. Enjoy!

FyreLana_01   FyreLana_02FyreLana_03FyreLana_04  FyreLana_05FyreLana_06

As you can probably guess, Fyre is now officially an Intrigue girl. Not only that, but Alexis has also been officially promoted to an Intrigue girl! The results from the poll were completely in favor of her being part of the roster by a 4-to-1 margin (Also as shocking to me, I now know that at least 200 people visit this site :D). Anyway, the couple of pics of her has been added to a separate page with her bio being updated in the near future. There will be more of her and Fyre in the future. You can check out their galleries below.Thanks everyone!