Got this commissioned not too long ago from neomonoxide (who previously commissioned this) featuring Cindy. Cindy has some strange fucking dreams (quite literally!). Her most recent one found her at the park, sitting on the bench. She sees a bunch of the biggest massive cocks in front of her. These beasts are bigger than her arms and could easily tear her in half, but she doesn’t care. She’s turned on, rubbing her pussy as the juice flow so quickly. “Come for me, boys”, she says as she moans in pleasure. The guy jerk their loads onto Cindy’s body, drenching her in the cum. She licks some of it, the taste just sending a shockwave inside her. She’s so close, she can feel an orgasm coming soon…And then she wakes up. 😛 Enjoy!

Cindysdream_01 Cindysdream_02