Got quite a nice surprise in my email earlier today. A while back, Devil-HS was offering requests and I took him up on that offer, asking for Lana being fucked anally by a huge cock in whatever position he wanted. Well, he sent me the pic and I love every bit of it! Lana is being fucked by one huge cock, but another is about to make it way in. Lana still keeps her mojo even while she’s about to take another cock. Gotta love her for that. I could go on about how I love this pic, but I think you should enjoy it for yourself. 😀

And definitely check out Devil-HS’s stuff. If you’re on tumblr, go to his tumblr and follow him (follow us too while you’re at it ;)). If you love seeing sexy women getting plowed by huge cocks, then you’ll love his work. He’s a fantastic artist who puts out some of my favorite pics. Seriously, check out his stuff. You’ll be a fan. I guaran-damn-tee it! Until then, enjoy this one!