New set for today commissioned by Teri-Minx. Madame Darkness has returned and this time she’s brought along some friends. She has complete control over them, sexually breaking to be her slaves. Madame Darkness uses a variety of methods to make sure they know who’s in control. She caresses them, making them feel wanted and loved. She’ll use her handwork to get them achieve an orgasm like no other. If that doesn’t get them, she’ll use denial, commanding them to pleasure her or they won’t achieve sexual satisfaction. More drastic measures are taken if that’s not enough. She’ll have to resort to force, using her golden dildo to finally get them to obey. After all this work, Madame succeeds and adds to her collection. I wonder what adventures for these girls in the near future. Enjoy!

MadameSSW_01MadameSSW_02 MadameWalkyria_01MadameWalkyria_02 MadameWalkyriaSSW_01  MadameWalkyriaSSW_02