Pretty big update for today. Churchill had commissioned a set featuring his character Fyre Melons doing what she does best (outside of saving people): Fucking! We have 5 pics for today featuring her getting her sex on. We start off with a blowjob scene, but with a twist. With a monster like that, Fyre can’t just go the traditional route to deep throat that cock. She has to get a little inventive. So she decides to hold herself in the air with a handstand while blowing him. She pushes herself up and down on her cock, letting her saliva drip down his member. She does this until he suggest a little tittyfucking. His massive cock is barely wrapped her huge tits. Looking at his cock covered in his precum and her drool, she licks her lips, aroused by the sight and the aroma. Her tits begins to lactate a bit as he continues to thrust his cock in-between her breasts. She can’t wait anymore. She must have it inside her.

fyre_06 fyre_07

They make their way to the bed. He lays down first with his cock pointing toward the sky while she gets on top with her pussy rubbing against his cock. Her mind clears up a bit as she really notices how big his cock is. She’s worried now about having that thing fuck her pussy. Her hand is hovering over his cock, almost as if she’s afraid to grab onto it now. “Didn’t you want it, Fyre?” he says, playfully taunting her as he strokes himself. Fyre can’t help but notice the precum slowly from his cock. She’s a bit scared, but she knows what she wants. “Absolutely,” she says as she grabs his member and sticks it inside her pussy. It hurts a bit as her stomach bulges, but it feels so good. She moves slowly as the pain begins to turn into pleasure. She goes faster as her eyes begin to glow. Her milk begin to lactate, dissipating her breasts at an alarming rate. The pleasure she’s receiving is too much for her. She comes, letting out a huge scream as her pussy squirts out.

fyre_08 fyre_09

After a moment to catch their breath, she then asks, “You know what you would be really fun?” Without letting him answer, she opens a drawer and pulls out a bottle of lubricant and a silver dildo. Squeezing a huge amount of lube in her hand, she covers his cock completely with the liquid, making sure she didn’t miss a spot. After she finishes that, Fyre turns around to make sure he sees the show. She takes the rest of the lube and pours it all on her ass, rubbing it in with both hands and making sure it’s all nice and wet. His cock is throbbing at the sight of Fyre oiling up her huge ass. “Now are you ready for some fun?” she says as she grabs onto his cock and stick in her asshole. The tightness is overwhelming for him. She continues to pound on his cock hard. Fyre loves the feeling of her ass being violated. Fyre grabs onto the dildo, trying to think of what’s next to do. But the pleasure is so much that she can’t think straight. Her mind is indulged in sex as they continue to fuck through the night. Maybe when they’re done, she’ll remember what she was trying to do. 😀 Enjoy!