Did some more testing of Lali’s Bits on Cindy. Isn’t she just a great volunteer? 😀 Anyway, I tested out the capabilities of her lower half and I must say I’m extremely impressed. Most gens are normally for show or if you can use them for penetration, they couldn’t be stretched very far or they would look weird/ugly. With Lali’s Bits, they look wonderful. I can’t stop commending Erogenesis on these gens as they are awesome. Hopefully, the kinks will be worked out very shortly, allowing everyone to enjoy them. For now, I did two pics, one featuring Cindy’s pussy getting stretched to the limit by a massive cock and the other showing her getting fucked hard anally. She definitely didn’t expect to see that happen. And look, she’s got some new ink! They’re might be more testing coming up, but until enjoy the latest Cindy!

Cindy_08 Cindy_09

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