Couple of new stuff for today, though they’re spread out everywhere. So let’s start with here first. I have a commission done for SpiderKisser of his character Angelique. There’s two pics, each one showing a different side of her (her front and back :P). Let’s just say that a vampire girl with nipple piercings holding a wine glass is just oh so sexy. 🙂

Second update happened over on the official twitter page for Intrigue3D. I uploaded two pics of Lana in a bikini for you to enjoy. If you got more ideas or questions about/for the character, then follow us and send us your tweet! Lastly, I made a new pic exclusively for Affect3D. This time, Lana is in her leather outfit (dubbed her mistress form). I will be posting it later this month here, but definitely go to Affect3D to check it out and all the other site content like the forum (#shamelessplug).

Next week is gonna be a slow week as I’m still going through work and the project (yeah, sorry about it taking so long). I might have a preview of some of the work next week. Until the next update, enjoy!