First off, the switch to my new host is done. I want to thank my previous host Comic Square for the fantastic service. If it wasn’t for him, this site probably wouldn’t have existed. Much love goes out to him. Now, Intrigue3D is on Hostgator. So far, service has been awesome. If you’re looking for a host, then go with Hostgator. You’ll be glad you did! (end of shameless hosting plug :P)

Since the move is completed, we can get back to posting content! Yay! And I have quite a bit for the next week. I’ll start off with a four-image set done for Draygon. This one features his character Feena and my girl Cindy done in POV for the most part. Warning: Pretty long (and sexy) description ahead:

Feena and Cindy have some fun together with one lucky guy as they fuck him nonstop. Cindy starts it off by letting him fuck her tight pussy while Feena watches in the background, touching myself due to the sight she sees. As the action gets hot and heavy, Feena gets closer to the scene, grasping at Cindy’s breast and giving a nice long french kiss. Feena can’t help it anymore and wants that cock inside her now. She forcibly takes Cindy off his dick, looking at all Cindy and the guy’s juices covering it. She doesn’t wait any longer and begins to slide the cock right inside her asshole. The waves of pleasure hit her hard as she moans excitedly.

A little peeved but still very horny, Cindy begins to suckle on Feena’s breasts while fingering her pussy. The guy notices Cindy’s ass sticking right in front of him, hypnotizing him. Cindy’s pussy still drips with wetness. The view is enticing as he grabs her round ass and stick his thumbs inside her anus. The pleasure is overwhelming for the three of them as a certain guest walks in to see the action. 🙂 After a while, Cindy excuses herself as Feena and the guy switch positions. As they continue to fuck, Cindy returns with a little surprise in the form of a huge strap-on. She forces the dildo right inside Feena’s pussy. Feena’s mind begins to go blank as she double penetrated with sheer amount of orgasmic vibes roaming inside her body until she finally comes. They continue on for a while for another hour or so, eventually satisfying their sex-driven lust.

Well, that was exciting. 🙂 Anyway enjoy!